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What is ethics?

 23 Oct 2023 |  Ethics, AI, Essay, Philosophy, Article

An article about ethics in the abstract, the point of it and how we can use it for better futures.

Recent AI Ethics appearances

 30 Jun 2021 |  Ethics, AI, Podcast, Talk

Links to podcasts I've recently appeared talking about AI Ethics subjects.

What even is AI anyway?

 26 Jun 2019 |  AI, Ethics, Article, Philosophy

When we talk about AI what do we actually mean? This article runs through some of the things people may be thinking when they say AI.

TensorflowJS webcam to emoji

 25 Jun 2019 |  Code, Web, AI, Machine Learning, Tensorflow

Small experiment to teach a model to associate a webcam image with a specific choosen emoji. Fun times

The only technology question is: why?

 16 May 2019 |  AI, Ethics, Essay, Philosophy

Short essay on whether we should be using the humanities more when anwsering the question should we make something, not if we can.

Appearance on TinyGiantJams podcast

 28 Feb 2019 |  Podcast, AI, Machine ethics

I chatted to Kerry and Norts on their podcast about AI ethics and Machine Ethics

Ethical by Design

 06 Aug 2018 |  Ethics, AI

Ethical AI consultancy

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