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This website is a collection of my web design work, art projects and exhibitions, various design work, articles and essays.

I am a freelance web designer (hire me) working in Bristol and London. I have worked on large scale projects such as (providing point of contact for technology and design decisions internal at Virgin), medium scale projects with clients including BFI, CEH, Virgin and Virgin unite, as well as having created a myriad of sites for smaller businesses, start ups and creatives' portfolios - see my portfolio here.

I am a design and front-end guy, with extensive knowledge of other tech and development languages and have previously worked as a mediator between dev teams and clients. I pride myself in being able to successfully cut through the jargon anf help technologists and non-tech savy personnel work effectively.

My public speaking and lecturing blends my insights within entrepreneurship, social businesses, web technologies, AI and ethics; focussing on the usage of technology as a tool for innovation and creativity. 

I author the Machine Ethics Podcast, which consists of interviews with academics, writers, technologists and business people on the theme of AI and autonomy. I also do talks about Machine Ethics and am in the process of writing a short introduction book into the subject.

I also run the games podcast (a labour of love) The Three Points podcast - all about games news, culture and development. Find it here.

I previously co-founded the company in 2012, a research matchmaking initiative, which blossomed with the extensive efforts of @tigerchops@CharlotteBRF@danielebarch@DaisyJCooper. After 3 years of part-time hard work from all involved, Eulergy as a company stopped trading in 2016. Find more about eulergy here.


HTML, CSS (Sass, LESS), Javascript (vanilla / jquery). I have worked on PHP, Python, Ruby and .Net projects, as well as CMS systems such as Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, ProcessWire and others. I'm currently learning some Lua, Python, NodeJS, REACT.JS and C# for use in web and desktop game projects.

Business: - the research match maker


MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, 2010 [Merit] Goldsmiths University.

NESTA / CIDA Insight out course, 2008 short creative entrepreneurial course.

BSc Creative Music and Sound Technology, 2007 [First Class Honours] Leeds Metropolitan University.

A/AS levels in Fine Art, Music Technology, Photography, Electronics, Maths from Cirencester College.

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