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TensorflowJS webcam to emoji

 25 Jun 2019 |  Code, Web, AI, Machine Learning, Tensorflow

Small experiment to teach a model to associate a webcam image with a specific choosen emoji. Fun times

Processwire open source modules

 30 Jul 2017 |  Code, Processwire, CMS, Web

Several open sourced modules created for Processwire CMS hosted on github

Processwire tutorials for Tuts+

 18 Jan 2016 |  Tutorial, Code

List and summary of te recent tutorials I've written for Tuts+ about Processwire

Making Horton-Stephens.com

 09 Oct 2014 |  Code, Tutorial

Logic and coding used in the Horton-Stephens.com website

My lessons on codecademy.com

 26 Jun 2013 |  Code, Lessons


Let's make a game

 19 Jun 2012 |  Code, Games

Our first #48hrGameDev - Challenge: one weekend, make a game

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