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Recent Works:

Where's Shaun?

 19 Sep 2016 |  Games

HTML5 game for Aardman animation.

Thomas Forsyth

 22 Jul 2016 |  Website

New portfolio for 3D product and set designer Thomas Forsyth

Recent Articles:

Why I hate Email

 21 Nov 2016 |  

TL;DR – email is fundamentally insecure, distracting, and cumbersome, and here’s why…

The Trolly problem is not a synonym for autonomous cars

 25 Sep 2016 |  Autonomous cars, Essay

Essay outlining why the Trolly Problem is problematic when used in relation to Autonomous Vehicles.

Recent Experiments:

Processwire Profiles

 31 Aug 2016 |  Open Source

Theme's I've created and open sourced for Processwire.

BBC microbit games

 17 Jul 2016 |  algorithm, games, microbit

Games I've coded for the BBC microbit

Clients include:

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