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What even is AI anyway?

 article   AI, Ethics, Article, Philosophy

When we talk about AI what do we actually mean? This article runs through some of the things people may be thinking when they say AI.

TensorflowJS webcam to emoji


Small experiment to teach a model to associate a webcam image with a specific choosen emoji. Fun times

The only technology question is: why?

 article   AI, Ethics, Essay, Philosophy

Short essay on whether we should be using the humanities more when anwsering the question should we make something, not if we can.


 work   Website, Wordpress

Website build in Wordpress for client Limitless


 experiment   Web, Browser extension, Eco

Browser extension that adds an environment tip everytime you open a new tab

OCO - level design project

 work   Design, Games, Level design

I worked on the beautiful OCO game creating several of it's core game levels.

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