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What is ethics?

 23 Oct 2023 |  Ethics, AI, Essay, Philosophy, Article

An article about ethics in the abstract, the point of it and how we can use it for better futures.

The only technology question is: why?

 16 May 2019 |  AI, Ethics, Essay, Philosophy

Short essay on whether we should be using the humanities more when anwsering the question should we make something, not if we can.

Optimised for Fake News

 08 Sep 2017 |  Article, Essay, Fake news

Article written for The Cube Magazine, showing the obvious line of thinking that has lead to fake news on the internet.

Why I hate Email

 21 Nov 2016 |  Essay, Email

TL;DR – email is fundamentally insecure, distracting, and cumbersome, and here’s why…

The Trolly problem is not a synonym for autonomous cars

 25 Sep 2016 |  Autonomous cars, Essay

Essay outlining why the Trolly Problem is problematic when used in relation to Autonomous Vehicles.

Online Creative Networks paper

 31 Oct 2010 |  Essay

Research paper into Online Creative Networks

Book of Tomorrow

 27 Aug 2010 |  Essay, Books

Short essay concerning the future of books

How stereoscopic 3D is problematic

 01 Aug 2010 |  3D, Essay

Short essay on the resurgence of 3D films

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