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 13 Jun 2011 |  Exhibition

Instruments is the recordings of a series of spontaneous compositions.


 30 Nov 2010 |  Exhibition, ICCE

End of year show for ICCE students 2009-2010

Muybridge in Translation

 08 Oct 2010 |  Exhibition

Print design for Muybridge in Translation booklet for Kingston Museum and University's Muybridge in Kingston exhibtion.

Orchestra No.2

 21 Jun 2010 |  Exhibition

Installation piece: this second version was a more complete incarnation of my intention: as it displayed each 'Intrument' on a stoll as if part of an orchestra.


 02 Nov 2009 |  Exhibition

myGalaxies is the exploration of networked culture, the attachment and emotion towards a system, information visualisation, and the inherent networks available to us in our environments.


 19 Oct 2009 |  Exhibition

It contained a single projection displaying 9 faces talking, seemingly, muted. The only sound coming from this strangely disembodied heads were that of their pauses, mmm's, ahh's.


 19 Oct 2009 |  Exhibition

Foundry was a commission for MAP arts in Leeds, presented on the Light Night arts event, Leeds.

Where were you?

 18 Oct 2009 |  Exhibition

Video installation with chair, light, plant, coat hanger and single pair of headphones.


 17 Oct 2009 |  Exhibition

This installation was part of Nous Vous's Sunday Club art and graphics event's at Opposite Cafe Leeds.

Illustration of Time No.1

 28 May 2009 |  Exhibition

Art Installation at Opposite Cafe 2007.

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