Online Creative Networks - survey

Published: 13 Aug 2010
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This survey was done to accompany my dissertation project on Online Creative Networks. Some of the Networks investigated are: Jotta, Axis, SaatchiOnline, CentralStation, RiseArts, IdeasTap, Deviantart, Behance.

This survey will appear in the appendix to the project concerned mainly with the critical framework of Online Creative Networks (OCNs), user and service provider opinion, direct observation, and learning from other kinds of networks…

Notes on the survey

It would seem that the majority of the 34 recipients are more concerned with having a suitable free web presence than the specific tools part of being a member of the network.

It seems the art students and artists taking part don’t believe that paid services legitimise their users, and if they’re not currently using an Online Creative Network they’re likely to start using one.

Quotes from recipients

Q: Do you believe that due to the digital nature of the internet any art disciplines get left out from these networks, if so which?

“Installation can be photographed. Time based can be videoed. The drawback of the digital is the drawback of photography itself. You miss a whole level of experience of my paintings because photography can’t shift its eyes to catch a glimmer. The scale of a thumbnail is ridiculous as well.”

Q: What impact do you think these networks are having on the art world as a whole, if any?

“They make art more accessible although I am not sure that there is anything that beats seeing art in it’s real state. However, I have had sales where people have wanted prints of either photographs or artwork that would have previously been impossible. “

“It’s too early to say for sure, but I would hazard a guess that a network such as the ones you suggest are of little real importance in comparison to really meeting people and talking”

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