Portfolio and musings of Ben Byford

Recent Works:

Marmalade SDK

 24 Aug 2015 |  UX, Application

Project UX and UI with Nexttick.io for Marmalade SDK version 8


 15 May 2015 |  Website

Website for BFI - NET.WORK is a nationwide collaboration to develop filmmaking talent. Working with AxisTwelve I worked on the site design and frontend.

Recent Articles:

Ethics and Algorithms

 26 May 2015 |  Article, Lecture

Talk for Digital Shoreditch #DS2015 on Machine Ethics

Recent Eulergy interviews and articles

 03 Nov 2014 |  Eulergy, Article, Interview

Articles about Eulergy, collaboration and start-ups written by the press or articles I've written

Recent Experiments:

An End - a Twine Story

 25 Oct 2015 |  Writing, Non-linear

My first story using the non-linear writing tool Twine. A dark story about the inevitable.

Basic Unity 2D tutorial

 06 Mar 2015 |  games, unity

Basic Unity2D tutorial for creating your first games project

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