You are staring at a screen showing the sun as the moon climbs across it. You look up as the light around you continues to dim. You're [[outside]] the lab with the other scientists next to a building in a large open field. You remember the scanners you should be checking [[inside]].You motion to the others that you're going inside to check the sensors and head to the [[door]] of the lab, and [[stop]] briefly to take in the eerie twilight. It's quiet. If there are any animals near by they are still or they've already fled.The ground shakes. The sun sparks behind it's moon cloak. You hold yourself steady. 'Was that an earth quake?!', you shout into the now still air. The earth shakes again. You decide to find out whats going on, the [[others]] might know, or you could just check the sensors [[inside]] again.You hurry into the lab and lock the door behind. The lights are flickering and your instruments are operating but who knows for how long. There's [[screaming|window]]. Darkness. You lift your hand and find blood there, you must have fallen and blacked out breifly. There's a brief rap at the door behind you that you hear a second later as your mind catches up with the new stimulus. You turn to open the [[door|help the others]], but then rethink the [[situation|the lab]]The ground shakes again, and though you don't fall, your stomach sinks as if you had just woken up suddenly. You feel around yourself for the comfort of the air, the earth, gravity, but these things that you've so taken for granted no long seem to have solidity. The blood pulsating through your body feels increasing alien. You stagger forward and consider flight. There's a [[van]], but what about the [[lab|door]] and the [[others]]?You run towards the three scientists still maning the experiment. 'Jon!' But it's too late the earth parts below him and he is lost from view. Your now only 10 meters away, grass under foot, sun in your eyes, clouds of fog eminating on all horizons. You slow as not to stumble and catch your breath. You panic as you're finding it harder and harder to take in enough [[oxygen|end]]. There's a creaking of brick and metal from the building. The [[windows chatter|fix windows]] as if possessed, and the vents and heating systems sing like a church organ. There's banks of instruments on each wall, mostly useless now. The [[monitors|sensors]] stand in the far corner still flickering with alerts. There is some safty equipment against one wall and a door into another [[room|piano room 1]]. You head towards a small supply van in the dim. The moon creeps past the sun begining a flood of light to the dark terrain. You realise you're not getting there fast enough and double your pace, but the van seems to have taken an upward tilt. There's still time. It's not the [[end]].Your legs lift from the ground, no longer anchored. You catch your breath and it slows with the realisation. You are surrounded by a fog of earthly debris. The orange and purple twilight illuminates chunks of fields, buildings, cities, drift like icebergs in the slient dispersing atmosphere. There are no more screams to be heard, your ears are peaceful and without pressure. You float slowly with the icebergs, the dirt, the animals, the clouds losing form all the time, until your blood pressure takes you away faster, losing sight and then with a brushing of grass against your skin you become oblivion. -- An End -- You try the door. It swings open outwards sucking the air from the room. You hold your breath and look around as much as you can to find any sign of life. The sun baths the lost time of day in brilliance. Is that something? Through half shut eyes and pounding head you can't distinguish [[appiration]] from anything else. Squinting through the white you gulp and shut the [[door|the lab]]. You look through the window at and in the confusion cath glimpses of people, animals, earth and flashes and stars. You're tempted to keep looking but the situtation gets the better of you. You briefy think about your family, your friends. Another rap at the door. The [[others|help the others]]! There's a grown from the building, you fall backwards into the centre of the room and catch a glimpse of the [[terminals|sensors]] flashing red in repetition.Bending off the monitors you try to make head or tails of what the numbers and colours are telling you. There's a sharp whine in your ears. You can remember tracking the earth's orbit during the alignment and you tab the computer to a screen displaying system visualizer. The model seems corrupt. The sensors all over the planet blink one by one into commuication blackout. The Earth seems way off trajectory and by these readings, somewhat smaller, or shattered. Before succumbing to panic you look around - what's happeneing?! There's a [[door|piano room 1]] to a joining room, some [[safty equipment|oxygen]], the [[outer door|help the others]].Eyes almost shut against the burning light you let your legs fall forward. With every step they seem to take longer to fall to the patches of earth miraclously beneath. You see your partener at the edge of the field and head towards them, head down against the dust, trying not to slip sideways. They were never there, they're somewhere else, had always been. Holding down the fort as it were while you where running your experiments. If only to hear their voice again, how did it sound. You cannot hear, or taste, or feel. You can see the vortex of space as you are suspended in it. Your head tilts back, your eyes clamped, your delivered to the universe something you hardly knew you were a part of until now. -- An End -- Tripping towards the back of the room you grab the first oxygen can and feel it's weight. It's full. There's [[no masks|open oxygen]], these were used as part of the lab equipment. You could probably do with sealing the vents, the other windows, the doors... before opening the valves. You start [[coughing|open oxygen]]. The building is vibrating under your touch, your feet, against your chest. It makes a hushed creak, so small, like a colossal earth quake heard from miles away. You sit at the piano. You knew coming in here the room wouldn't yield any help, but it would comfort. You play. The keys ring out softly but true. The walls around you fall away, but you cant hear them though 2 meters away, they might as well be a thousand. Slumping closer to the wood and ivy, the vibrations fill your body as the sun feels your eyes with shards though brick silhouettes. The room is now no longer a room. The earth is no longer a planet. You float with the piano and see your place in the galaxy and nothing. -- An End -- The cracks in the windows and vents are letting out precious oxygen. You start stuffing in cloth in the corners and in the vents as a sun burst explodes across your eyes. Open your eyes, close them, OPEN THEM DAMN IT! You spy some duck tape and start on the outer doors. You remember the [[oxygen]] cans.Cough, blink, cough, blink, dead. The sensors and montior go dead extinguishing the last unnatural light from the room. The chattering of the building seemed to climax with a fluid of sunlight dancing from window to window. One hand still on the oxygen can you allow yourself a burst, enough to gulp some down, enough to keep the lights on. Walls give way to lights, that give way to earth, that gives way. You sit to stop your stomach from protesting. Another small burst. The dusty haze gives way to stark black pitch with millions of pin pricks. Cough, gasp, cough, burst of oxygen. This time you suck on the valve gently turning it and stop. Your lungs fill as the room around you empties. Floating one foot above what was once ground, you point the can behind you, open the valve and float into the twilight. -- An End --