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myGalaxies - by Ben Byford and Anthony Finch 09

Commissioned as part of 'Light Night' Leeds 09, myGalaxies was presented as part of the Leeds Met University section in the Old Broadcasting house. Over the Course of the evening the Old Broadcasting house received over 300 people to view the installations, videos and robots presented.

myGalaxies is a continuous project run by Tony and myself progressing the application to better visualise our artistic intent. myGalaxies is the exploration of networked culture, the attachment and emotion towards a system, information visualisation, and the inherent networks available to us in our environments.

Leeds Guide

...Previous years have seen events ranging from ghostly folk singers in the Town Hall’s clocktower to burlesque in Leeds Art Gallery, off the wall tales of torment in the Royal Armouries and big gigs in seldom-open city centre churches. This year the array of events are far too numerous and varied to cover in any kind of comprehensive fashion, so instead, here are 10 of our ‘must see’ events, designed to reflect both the range of events and array of venues.

016-017 ‘My Galaxy’: Ben Byford & ‘Electric Pets’: Chris Martin and Louise Atkinson ‘My Galaxy’ is a twisted take on social networking. Design your own planet influenced by your likes and interests, place it on the virtual galaxy and watch its gravitational pull attract in other like-minded worlds, reshaping the whole galaxy as it goes. Meanwhile, rushing around the floor will be the electric pets. Controlled by visiting members of the public, electronic animals - knitted out of electric wire - will detect signals in the atmosphere and produce different sounds depending on where you send them. 8pm-12am, Old Broadcasting House, Leeds Met, LS2 9EN...

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